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My Intel Story (English edition). With 167 images, the most unpublished

Serie dei libri pubblicati da Eva ed Ettore.
Eva's and Ettore's published book serie.
With 167 images, the most unpublished, I document my story with Intel since 1969. Pictures of the first Intel Executives are included: Robert Noyce, Gordon Moore, Robert Graham, Andy Groves, Desmond Fitzgerald, Eugene Flath, Gerald Fehr, Leslie Vadasz, Marcian Hoff, Richard Bohn and Robert O’Hara.  Earliest documents, published and unpublished by Intel, starting Dec 1969 for the first time are publicly been shown here. There are also other images of key  Intel members among whom Ed Gelbach, Bill Davidow, Jack Carsten, Mike Markkula, Stan Mazor, Hank O’Hara, Dick Clover, Federico Faggin, Lucio Lanza, Hal Feeney, Jim Lally, Tom Lawrence, Guy De Bruyne, Gert Griese, Maria Ligeti, Gordy Campbell, Jean Jones. A special thanks goes to DANE ELLIOT (Historian and Intel Alumni Board Member) for his irreplaceable suggestions and the great help in the correction of the text and the encouragement to publish it.

Silicon Valley. I signori del silicio Morozov Evgeny - Morozov Evgeny
eBook € 5,99                                          
Italiani di frontiera: Dal west al web: un'avventura in Silicon Valley - Roberto Bonzio
eBook  € 9,99                 
Troublemakers: Silicon Valley's Coming of Age - Leslie Berlin
eBook  $ 14.99                         
The New New Thing: A Silicon Valley Story  - Michael Lewis
eBook $ 8.52                         

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